தேசிய தௌஹீத் ஜமாஅத்

National Tawheed Jama’ath

இவ் அமைப்பு இலங்கை அரசாங்கத்தினால் 28-04-2019 இல் இருந்து தடை செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

This organisation has been banned by the government of Sri Lanka since 28-04-2019.

NTJ Kattankudywww.yourkattankudy.com
NTJ Kattankudy

296, FC வீதி,

புதிய காத்தான்குடி-03




நிர்வாக உறுப்பினர்கள்:



இணையத்தளம்:                                                    www.ntjweb.com 

மின்அஞ்சல்:                                                            jamaath@ntjweb.com

3 thoughts on “NTJ”

  1. “Kill the unbelievers” means “Become a believer believing that Allah God loves you so much that He willed that also you would have His perfect happiness, and that for that reason He has made Himself appear here now also as you and everyone else.” By believing that you “kill” the unbeliever you were before, as that one is then no more, “dead” in that sense, now having become a believer.
    If a human parent already wills that his or her children be at least as happy as they themselves are, and if possible much more, shall our Creator not will that His creatures be as happy as He is? Do humans have a greater mercy and love than our Creator? Of course not. Even thinking that is blasphemy.

    So in the Name of the Merciful, become a believer as above described, “killing” the unbeliever you were by believing it. Instead of killing our Creator’s creatures. For Allah will punish you greatly for killing His beloved creatures.

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